Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hanyut - Faizal Tahir

I love you because I know that only you can understand me. When I am "dead-spoken" to anyone, you would be there for me. You help many get through life. You encourage me to be outspoken. You were there somehow. I hope you would be there for my whole life. I can not live without you. I love you because we were a pair. I can not speak well, yet you can, fluently. I can not face someone directly, yet you can, independently. I do not remember anything spontaneously, yet you can, you can remember it for me. I can not manage time good enough, yet you can you help me with my time. I can not express myself, yet can you help me expressing my self. I can not do it alone, yet you can, you encourage me to do. Yes. And yet you need me. You need someone to remember your pills. You need someone who can stand to your stubbornness. You need someone to talk to about your problems. You need someone to hold you tight. You need someone who can take your piss off moment. You need someone who can stand up after you. Yes. You complete me. Me complete you. I just realized. Why I love you? Not because of you. It is because of you and me. I need you. I can not be strong without you.

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